Good news! This autumn we will finally be able to start classes again. So sweep the dust off your dancing shoes and join us in the Lindy Hop fun!

A new block of Lindy Hop classes will start on Monday, October 4th and we will have a block of 6 classes. All classes wil take place on Monday evenings. We will offer two levels of classes, one beginner and one intermediate. Please register for a class through the registration form to be found at the end of this page. You can find further information below.


Our classes take place in Wijkcentrum de Pomhorst, Pomona 562 in Wageningen. 



19:15 - 20:30 Beginners

20:45 - 10:00 Intermediate


A block of 6 classes will cost 50 euros (or 35 euros for discount*). 


*Discount: Our aim is to create an open and inclusive community and therefore offer a discount for students, (currently) unemployed people, or anyone who for whatever reason wishes to make use of it. Please note that we do not make a profit from these classes but only want to cover the costs. You can opt for the discount in the registration form.


Level Descriptions

For the upcoming classes in autumn we will have two levels. However, we do not hold strict rules with regard to these levels. They serve as an indication. If you’re not sure which level you are, you can contact us and together we’ll look at which level will be best suited. 



A class for everyone who wants to start learning lindy hop and learn the basics.


For everyone who has at least danced half a year of lindy hop and feels comfortable with basic moves.


We have the honour of having a great teacher come all the way from Amsterdam to teach us Lindy Hop!

Dance Roles

Most of the dances we teach (including Lindy Hop) are couple dances, which means that we dance in pairs of two: leader and follower. However, this does not mean that you need a dancing partner in order to join the classes. During the classes, we usually rotate dance partners which trains you to dance with different types of leaders/followers, rather than one person (for this also see info on Covid-19 Regulations). We’d like people to feel free to choose the role (lead or follow) they wish to practice at that moment. However, we’d also like to ensure the balance between these roles during the classes. When subscribing for a class you get the choice whether you wish to lead or follow during the classes, or both. If you choose both, your dance role might be different in each class, depending on your own preference, but also depending on the rest of the group.

Covid-19 Regulations

We want to do as much as possible to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all dancers. Therefore, we will first of all limit the number of people in the room. In order to ensure this, we will need everyone to register for a class before the start of the block.


Furthermore, we ask all participants to fill in a declaration form at the start of each class stating they are free of covid symptoms and have not been in contact lately with someone who has been infected with covid. Please keep in mind that if government rules change, we will need to adhere to them.


Lastly, we want to give everyone the opportunity to decide whether they feel comfortable with switching partners during the class or would prefer to dance with a fixed partner. For this option you can either subscribe together with your own dance partner or you can indicate that you wish to be paired up during the first class (we cannot guarantee anything, as this will depend on the other registrations).

First Class = Try-out

If you’re not quite sure whether the classes are for you and would like to try, you can try out the first class for free without having to commit to the full block. For this, you still need to register through the registration form, because we need to keep track of the number of people in the class. If you decide after the first class that it’s not for you, you can let us know and we’ll take you off the list with no costs attached.

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe for classes by filling in the form below. It is important that you register, because we need to keep track of the number of people in the class. Unfortunately, without registration we cannot let you in. Once we have enough subscriptions to fill a class you will get a confirmation e-mail. We need a minimum number of subscriptions for the classes to go on. However, as there is a maximum number of people in the room we will also have a waiting list if more than that number subscribe. Please note that we’d like to ensure the balance between follows and leads, and that we take this into account in trying to fill a class.