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The Grasshoppers is a dance community that hosts Swing Dance classes in Wageningen. Occasionally, we organize social dance parties, where people can practice their dancing and meet with other dancers.These social dances are also open to beginners, as there usually is a taster class. Occasionally, we also go to social dances in other cities together.

Swing is a vintage dance style from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s, and yet all the rage! It originated from the mixing pot of cultures of the United States and was danced on big band music and gypsy jazz of the early 20’th century. Now, the music and this type of dance are gaining new popularity under the name Swing in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and many other cities all over the world!

In our classes, we focus primarily on Lindy hop, the most popular type of Swing Dance. Its Afro-American roots gave Lindy hop an energetic, fun, bouncy, rhythmical style and a freedom to improvise. We also explore some of the other Swing dances, including: Charleston, Blues, Shag, Balboa, Boogie Woogie and Solo Jazz. 

Through our classes and social dances we aim to create an open community where everyone is welcome. People who are new to dancing can join in with the beginner classes and/or beginner workshops prior to our social dances. You also don’t need a dancing partner to join the classes. Furthermore, we also like everyone to feel free to choose the dance role they prefer, regardless of gender or height or anything, and we encourage people to try out both dance roles or switching roles during the dance.

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