Unfortunately our classes have been suspended until further notice. We will post more information on classes as soon as we know more. For more information please check our facebook page or contact us through the website.



We plan to have 4 blocks of around 8 weeks throughout the year for which you will be able to subscribe in due time. Our classes will take place on Mondays. Most of our classes will be Lindy Hop classes, but we also plan a block of Charleston. 


Our classes take place in wijkcentrum de Pomhorst, Pomona 562 in Wageningen. 



The first class is a taster class and is for free! But if you want to be sure to guarantee your spot for the block, do subscribe before the block starts. Lessons cost 55 euros per block (or 45 euros for students and job seekers).


Dance Role: lead or follow?

Most of the dances we teach are couple dances, which means that we dance in pairs of two: leader and follower. However, this does not mean that you need a dancing partner in order to join the classes. During the classes, we rotate dance partners which trains you to dance with different types of leaders/followers, rather than one person. We’d like people to feel free to choose the role (lead or follow) they wish to practice at that moment. However, we’d also like to ensure the balance between these roles during the classes. When subscribing for a class you can subscribe as couple or as a single lead or follow.


Level Descriptions

Grasshopper  1a: You are new to Lindy Hop or might have taken one or two try-out classes. In grasshopper 1a we will teach you the basics of Lindy hop and get you ready for some social dancing. 


Grasshopper  1b: You have taken a considerable amount of Lindy Hop classes, are comfortable with the basics, circles, turns and maybe even swing outs. We will quickly refresh the basics, and teach you cool new moves.

Grasshopper 2: You are comfortable with the basics and have some moves in your repertoire. In this class we will continue to teach you some new and more advanced moves.


Higher levels: If you have a higher level, you are still welcome in the Grasshopper 1b group. We will make sure you will not get bored, by offering variations, styling, personal advice and role switching. 

I am not sure about what level to subscribe to: Contact us through our contact form so we can think along.


You can subscribe for the second block through a subscription form in which you can specify the class, level, and preferred dance role. We will keep you updated on whether there are enough subscriptions to fill a class. 

Please note that we’d like to ensure the balance between follows and leads, and that we also need to take this into account in trying to fill a class. Do not miss the opportunity to subscribe for the first block, a new beginner class starts only in February 2020!

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