A new block of solo jazz classes will start on Monday night 26 oct. Solo jazz is one of the many disciplines in Swing dance. Different routines from the early days of the Swing era are danced, but using “jazz steps”, new routines are created as well. We will have beginner and advanced classes. Do subscribe quickly to secure your spot.


Our classes take place in wijkcentrum de Pomhorst, Pomona 562 in Wageningen. 



19:30-20:45        Beginners solo jazz

21:00-22:15        Advanced solo jazz

This block will last 4 weeks (if government regulations will keep to allow us, see cancellation policy). Classes will take place on oct 26, nov 2, nov 9, nov 16.


Price for the block of 4 classes is 25 euro. Payment will be cash at the 1st class.


Level Descriptions

Level 1 beginner solojazz
You tried some solo jazz steps before. You might know (part of) the shimsham or another routine. 
You have no experience with solo jazz but are motivated to learn. 

Level 2 advanced solojazz
You can dance the Shimsham without peeking at your neighbours feet. You probably know (part of) Tranky doo or even more routines. You are ready to learn more at a relatively fast pace.
You have extensive experience in another dance discipline AND pick up new steps quickly.



We have the honour of having a great teacher come all the way from Amsterdam to teach us solo jazz! Janna Marcella has many years of experience in Swing dance, including solo jazz, and she is ready to spread the love to you.

Grasshopper Corona policy

As we are living in the reality of the corona pandemic, we have to work with rules to keep our dancing space safe.


By joining classes of the Grasshoppers you agree to the following rules:

  • I will not come to class if I have any symptoms eg, cough, running nose, fever, sore throat etc.

  • I will not come to class if I have had contact with a corona patient in the past 10 days

  • I will not come to class if I’m waiting for the result of a corona test

  • I will keep at least 1.5m distance of all people in the building and class

  • I will wear a face mask when entering the Pomhorst building and when leaving the dance room.

  • I will disinfect/wash hands before entering the dance room

As organisers, we take care of the following measures:

  • provision of hand sanitizer

  • ventilation (doors will be open, so take a sweater if you are easily cold)

  • a max. number of 10p in the room, so we can keep at least 1.5m distance

  • a presence list for every class

Corona Cancellation Policy

In case of a full lockdown, we have to cancel our classes. You will receive a refund for the missed classes in this case.


You can subscribe for the block through the following form. Subscribe before Friday 23 oct. First come, first serve.